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Ankle Band Set


Start adding resistance to your every move and let Elebands burn up to 1,500 calories, tone muscles, and increase your endurance effortlessly as you go about your normal daily activity.

Elebands Ultra-Thin Body Weight Bands are handcrafted from 100% full-grain leather and are custom-fitted to each client’s measurements.

The weights are made of tungsten, the 4th heaviest element in the world which allows us to make each band ultra-thin so that you can proudly wear them all day.

Tungsten is also classified as a precious metal like platinum, gold, and silver. In fact, tungsten costs almost as much as silver.

Each Eleband comes with a 90-day 100% money back guarantee, a 5-year warranty, and a certificate of authenticity.

Plus, any time after your 1-year purchase anniversary, if you ever wanted to return your Tungsten Elebands, we would purchase them back for 100% of the going market rate of Tungsten at the time that you return them (based on the total weight of Tungsten returned).

Choosing The Right Weight:

We recommend getting a set that is between 0.5-1% of your body weight. The more weight you choose the more intense your daily routine will be.

  • 1-LBS SET: Wrists – ½ lb each
  • 2-LBS SET: Wrists – 1 lb each
  • 3-LBS SET: Wrists – 1½ lbs each
  • 4-LBS SET: Wrists – 2 lbs each
  • 5-LBS SET: Wrists – 2½ lbs each
  • 6-LBS SET: Wrists – 3 lbs each


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Elebands Ultra-Thin Body Weight Bands are the world's first all-day wearable weighted bands that help you burn calories, shed pounds and build muscle at the same time. Even though Elebands are heavy, they are ultra-thin and can easily be worn under your clothes so that you can comfortably engage in your day-to-day activities.

This Ankle Band Set includes the following items: two (2) Ankle bands.

Imagine being able to lose weight and build muscle without going to the gym or taking diet pills. With Elebands, you now can.


All of our bands are hand-crafted by local artisans, not mass-produced with sewing machines. Razor-sharp blades are used to cut each strip of the leather to ensure a perfect cut each time. Our 100% full-grain leather, weighted bands are made without harsh chemical adhesives. You can smell the natural leather the moment that you open the box.


To complement the artisan hand-crafted care that goes into our bands, they are only made-to-order. Every band is custom-fitted for each client, ensuring the perfect fit each and every time, delivering an exquisite masterpiece designed around our client’s personal measurements and custom specifications.


Unlike traditional weight bands that are filled with sand, our bands are constructed with tungsten, the 4th heaviest substance on the planet. Tungsten is a precious metal like gold, silver and platinum. In fact, it weighs about the same as gold and is sold for about 30% of the cost of silver.

The density and weight of the tungsten allows us to create the slimmest weight bands the world has ever seen.

Elebands are equipped with high powered magnets that close each band securely so that you can be confident that they will not come off.

When you own Elebands, you know they will last a lifetime. In fact, many people buy tungsten wedding rings and jewelry because like gold, silver and platinum it looks beautiful and lasts forever.

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½ lb, 1 lb, 1½ lbs, 2 lbs, 2½ lbs, 3 lbs


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