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Using Household Items To
If you don’t have a ruler available, here’s a way that you can take your measurements with some household items:
Items you can use:
  1. Toilet Paper
  2. Marker or Pen
  3. Credit Card (or any standard, wallet-sized card)
1. Cut toilet paper squares, use as little or as much as you need.

2. Place your wrist on the center of the tissue paper and fold one side over.

3. Fold the other side over till it’s tight enough and mark the intersecting points with a marker.

4. Layout the tissue paper flat on a table and place the credit card (back side facing up) where the marker is, and then mark the other end. Once both ends are marked, move the card to the next slot and repeat the marking on the other end till there’s no more tissue.


5. Use the same method to measure your ankles.
6. Email the photos of the tissue with the card and the markings, we can approximate your measurements with those photos to [email protected].